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RNS Packaging

Initially I met with two local SCORE mentors who helped me organize my thoughts concerning my venture. In addition they guided me through business planning; suggesting methods and... Read more

Rich Daniels
CEO, RNS Packaging

Checklist for Starting a For Profit Business in Southwest Michigan

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This document walks you through the steps for starting a for profit business in Southwest Michigan. It includes URLs for the various websites you will want to visit. While a few... Read more

Simple Steps for STARTING a Business

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This booklet will help you develop a plan for your business.  Read more


Distribution Channel Assessment Worksheet

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Conduct a distribution channel assessment to gauge whether your products are getting to your target customers in the most effective way. Read more


5 Startup Tips for Trucking Companies

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November 19, 2019,

Starting a trucking company comes with some unique startup considerations and various business compliance obligations. Here are 5 helpful tips.


Inventory vs Asset Management: What’s The Difference?

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July 19, 2019,

Two vital elements of your business are inventory and assets — from your sales floor to the back office and warehouse. Learn about both and ways to improve.


Distribution 101 for Entrepreneurs

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Distributors will buy in bulk (helping you generate more revenue) and help you market and promote your products. Learn how to cultivate these relationships. Read more


How to Make Your Auto Repair Business More Profitable

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May 2, 2019,

Read these ways that auto repair shops can accelerate business and take their business into the next gear.