My successes. 

During a trip to Idaho, we made a point to stop at a brewery for each meal. We wanted memories of where we were but you can only collect so many T-shirts and glasses. That's when we came up with a new kind of brewery collectible, TagaBrew. The TagaBrew is a thin strip of copper with the name of the brewery and town that hangs from a 27-inch chain (for collecting and wearing the tags). One of our favorite selling points is that the 27-inch chain is the same as USA military dog tags, made in the USA.

Our sales continue to double each year. Since starting the company in 2014, with one brewery (Rubert's Brew House in Kalamazoo) we now have 59 breweries in Michigan and Indiana selling TagaBrew with a goal of reaching the entire U.S. We have many success stories from both the breweries that sell the TagaBrew to the people purchasing the TagaBrew "memory tag". Latitude 42 Brewing Company told us that for each customer who purchased a TagaBrew, there was an estimated $50 spent on beer and food. Another brewery told us people come in specifically to purchase the TagaBrew and thus has increased their sales. We have individuals going every weekend on a TagaBrew trail trying out the TagaBrew breweries and collecting the tags. We now sell breweries' anniversary tags, special occasion tags, and mug club member tags. TagaBrew is fun and keeps your memories alive. Go to to stay updated. " Don't you think it's time you got you TagaBrew on?"

How SCORE helped. 

We had an idea, and did our research, but even after Debi with her friend Carey Schoolmasster owned and operated Party Perfect successfully, the couple still had questions. We reached out to SCORE with what were probably stupid questions, but they listened and provided advice. One of the most important pieces of advice was to "Keep it Simple", even after many potential clients were trying to make it complicated. SCORE was supportive and a "sounding board" always willing to listen and provide sound advice.

What's great about my mentor? 

Tom McKenna is GREAT!! Can I say "I love him"? He is always ready and willing to listen and provide advice or lead us to a conclusion that meets our business model and objectives.