When Adam Freeman ventured to turn his music passion into a business, he signed up online for a SCORE mentorship meeting though secretly fearing he was “woefully unprepared”.  “I wasn’t sure if working with SCORE was right for me, but I’m really glad that I gave it a shot!” Adam connected with a volunteer SCORE business mentor and received a new spin for a successful marketing plan.  SCORE’s Cheri Bales helped Adam find his groove.

At every turn, Adam found his mentor kind and patient, “I knew immediately that I didn’t need to try to impress Cheri because she genuinely cared and wanted to share her knowledge with me. I was able to openly share my story and felt comfortable talking about my long-term business dreams.” He states he received good feedback and practical marketing suggestions, also relaying, “Cheri was truly interested, inviting me to talk about my passions and why I felt driven to succeed. I talked about my business philosophies, how I want people to feel when they work with me, and about the kind of business person I want to be. My mentor respected my dreams, her encouragement felt like validation… what I want to do with my business is real, it is important, and it is worth the hard work ahead.”

Adam took his mentor’s advice to immediately create a more accessible online presence, “I’m now getting a lot of customer inquiries from people who found me via web search or social media. Working with SCORE instantly connected me to a network of people that are excited about small business and who have knowledge, resources, and connections that helped me build and grow my business to achieve my dream.”

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