1.Customer Segmentation

What (who) are the targeted customers

Which ones are the key customers?

2.Customer Relationships

What type of relationships do the customers expect?

Short term or long term relationship?

Consulting or arms length?


Who are the key competitors?

What specific customer needs do they provide?

What are their customers unmet needs?


Which channels do competitors use to reach customers?

What are the channels we would use to reach our targeted customers?

Which channels are the most efficient to reach our customers

What new distribution channels will we need to create?

5.Value Proposition

What unique value would we bring to our customers?

What are our key differentiators vs. competitors?

How do we extract value, (make money)

6.Revenue Streams

What are the different revenue streams being offered?

How will customers recognize value?

How will customers pay?

How much $ or % will each stream contribute to the overall business?

7.Key Resources for our Value Proposition

What key resources will our business require, (capital, labor, expenses)  ?

8. Key Activities

What key activities are required for:

Distribution Channels

Customer Relationships

Revenue streams

9.Cost Structure

What are the most critical costs in our business model?

Which key resources carry the most costs?

Which key activities carry the most costs?

What profit margins must we have?

How do those margins compare to competition?

10. Hurdles and Barriers

What are the barriers likely to be ?

(Financial, Municipal, Competition)

Which barrier would be a show-stopper

11. Key Partners & Suppliers?

Who are they?

What key resources will they provide?

What key activities will they provide?