I was a Lowe's store manager and continued to be frustrated with the various and sundry packaging waste that kept arriving at the store. I was convinced that a biodegradable material could be substituted for all this wasted material that was not recyclable. One great offender were packing peanuts; static cling, not recyclable, messy laying everywhere and very difficult to clean up. Over time I felt a business of fun shaped packing peanuts could be created so I applied and was granted patents for five specific shapes; (wedding) bells, Christmas trees, wine bottles, dog bones and hearts. I found reliable sources, used SCORE mentors for packaging and design assistance, and headed off on my journey to bring green technology to a very dirty business.

How SCORE helped. 

Initially I met with two local SCORE mentors who helped me organize my thoughts concerning my venture. In addition they guided me through business planning; suggesting methods and scenarios they had faced many times in their careers. These first meetings stretched into a five year relationship that is still ongoing. We have had over 14 meetings that have been very beneficial for me.

RNS Packaging