Q3 technologies is comprised of two departments. The first, operates as a full service electrical contracting group. Performing services ranging from design and build through electrical maintenance services and everything in between. Our electrical team can offer energy savings ideas to business and industry as well as design the electrical service for your new building and install it when it’s time.

The second group is our technology team. In addition to our consulting services, we offer design services and installation services. We also offer outside plant fiber optic construction and splicing services. A dynamic team built of wide ranging skill sets, we offer our customers a comprehensive suite of services solving their technology challenges from conception to connection.

The size of our company varies. We currently have 15 employees, and we are looking for two additional people. This group is considered our core group, and we shouldn’t get below this number under normal circumstances. At times we have been as high 40 employees (including temporary help) for projects when workload demands change.

My successes. 

We have been immensely successful. For a startup to survive the economic downturn of 2008, is good, we were experiencing exceptional annual growth consistently through that period. I wouldn’t have written the script this well, had I been writing fiction. It’s been a fun, challenging and profoundly rewarding journey.

Our success has been driven by our core guiding principles. Briefly stated, we believe, that a well engineered solution, matching our customers’ needs, delivered with a level of quality and competency that exceeds expectations is the only way we will survive. To this there can be no compromise. This guiding philosophy has worked well for us. It is simple yet effective. I would recommend something similar to any startups today.

How SCORE helped. 

We engaged SCORE's services to get an unbiased review of our accounting practices, specifically financial controls and reporting. Jack Duke met with us. He found our controls to be more than adequate, and was impressed with our reporting process. He offered ideas on report structure, and through some minor adjustments saved our team time and money.

In addition to these series of meetings I subsequently attended SCORE workshops and received helpful ideas around marketing and how to attract and secure new customers.We found SCORE to be helpful, easy to work with and profoundly beneficial as a resource to our business.

Q3 Technologies