We've had our business for 14 years ( a neighborhood grocery store) and thought it was time to bring in a "Fresh Eye" to advise us how we could take our business to the next level.

How SCORE helped. 

Taking advice from a friend we contacted our local SCORE chapter who made arrangements to send out two of their mentors. With their help we now have better curb appeal, able to increase our cooler space to carry an additional 26 new craft beers, made additional space to expand our wine selection and increase our floor space for more new products.
Our only regret is that we should have contacted SCORE years ago. They provide a great service for any business.

The first thing both mentors did was drive right past the store ( they drove separately). Suggestion #1...Get better signage and brighten up the outside ! So with that said we had the front of the building completely repainted, new railing installed, rebuild the porch and redesign the signage. We had instant positive feedback from our customers.
Next they helped identify a part of our business that was making the least amount of profit per square foot. By eliminating that area we took down a wall, increased our floor space which opened up 3 additional cooler doors for more product, moved and remodeled our coffee station.

Millburg Trading Post